About Us

Himara Water Taxi is “more than just a boat ride.”

Boat tours are a fantastic way to explore bodies of water and enjoy unique experiences. Our tours focus on showcasing the scenic beauty of Himara coastline. Our Captains and Crew are well versed on the city and the many attractions that can be viewed from the water.

Enjoy the fresh air, beautiful and clean beaches of Himara, a refreshing drink, a fun narration of this wonderful destination.

Himara Water Taxi offers a convenient and customisable way to experience waterways, combining transportation with leisure and exploration. It’s advisable to contact us and ask about specific services, availability, and pricing based on your desired location and requirements.

We offer daily boat tours to Gjipe, Pirate’s Cave, Filikur, Grama Bay, Porto Palermo, Akuarium,  Dhermi, Palasa, Saint Andrews

Here’s a description of what we do:

  • Group Excursions:
    Himara Water Taxi is suitable for groups of various sizes, from small gatherings to larger parties. It can be an excellent choice for family outings, corporate events, or celebrations, offering a unique and memorable experience on the water.
  • Private Transportation:
    Himara Water Taxi allows individuals or groups to have a dedicated water taxi for their exclusive use. This can be a convenient and efficient way to travel between waterfront destinations, islands, or other points of interest.