Porto Palermo

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Starting our boat tour at Himaras small dock and we visit :
Filikur, Llaman, Submarine Tunnel, Porto Palermo Cave, Vasiliqi beach, Five private bays of Porto Palermo, Porto Palermo beach. We provide you with water and you can bring your own food & beverages on the boat. We suggest not to forget your sunscreen, hat, towel & your smile.


2.5~3 hours
Swimming stops:
Are suggested from the captain as boats are not allowed entering every beach.
Duration of the stops:
Upon request of the client within the time of the tour
We offer:
Tour guide, Cooler (ice+water+beverages), Snack(traditional byrek), Snorkel masks, Fishing ropes (2 – 3 pieces)

Porto Palermo, along the coastline of Himara, Albania, offers a captivating blend of history, natural beauty, and maritime adventure. A water taxi boat trip from Himara to Porto Palermo provides an ideal way to explore this coastal gem, where the azure waters of the Ionian Sea meet ancient fortifications, creating a unique destination with a wealth of experiences.

The journey from Himara to Porto Palermo by water taxi is a scenic delight. The boat ride unfolds against a backdrop of rugged cliffs, showcasing the raw beauty of the Albanian Riviera. The tantalising turquoise hues of the sea contrast with the lush greenery along the coast, setting the stage for an adventure that seamlessly weaves together exploration and relaxation.

As the water taxi approaches Porto Palermo, the first glimpse of the bay reveals a natural harbour embraced by rolling hills. The focal point of the landscape is the historic Ali Pasha Castle, perched on a small peninsula jutting into the sea. This well-preserved fortress, built in the early 19th century, adds a layer of historical intrigue to the coastal beauty that surrounds it.

Disembarking onto the shores of Porto Palermo, visitors are greeted by a pebble-strewn beach framed by the ancient castle walls. The crystal-clear waters invite swimmers, creating a refreshing respite against the backdrop of centuries-old history. Exploring the beach and surrounding areas offers a chance to appreciate the position of natural scenery and cultural heritage.

The highlight of Porto Palermo is undoubtedly Ali Pasha Castle. This fortress, named after the Ottoman governor Ali Pasha of Tepelena, boasts panoramic views of the bay and the open sea. Visitors can wander through its well-preserved corridors, climb the towers, and imagine the castle’s storied past. The strategic location of Ali Pasha Castle served both military and residential purposes, making it a captivating testament to Albania’s historical tapestry.

The water taxi journey itself contributes to the adventure, allowing passengers to witness the castle and surrounding coastline from a unique perspective. The boat’s agility enables close-up views of sea caves, hidden coves, and the fortress walls that might be missed on land. It transforms the journey from mere transportation into an aquatic exploration, adding an element of excitement to the overall experience.

Beyond the historical and nautical aspects, Porto Palermo offers opportunities for outdoor activities. Snorkelling along the rocky coastline reveals an underwater world teeming with marine life, and kayaking allows adventurers to explore the hidden corners of the bay. The surrounding hills provide hiking trails with breathtaking vistas, making it an ideal destination for those seeking both cultural and recreational experiences.

In terms of things to do in Albania, a visit to Porto Palermo should be on any traveler’s itinerary. The combination of historical exploration, seaside relaxation, and maritime adventure creates a well-rounded experience.

Preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Porto Palermo is crucial for future generations. Responsible tourism practices, including respect for historical sites and environmental conservation, contribute to the sustainability of this coastal destination.

In conclusion, a water taxi boat trip from Himara to Porto Palermo invites travellers to embark on a multifaceted adventure. From the historical allure of Ali Pasha Castle to the scenic beauty of the coastline, every aspect of this journey contributes to a memorable exploration of Albania’s maritime treasures. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or seeking aquatic adventures, Porto Palermo offers a compelling blend of experiences along the captivating shores of Himara.


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